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CUSCO, Peru – Ashid Bahl School

In early August Ashid accompanied by Martha and Oje Hart visited the Cusco School and were very impressed with the commitment of the teachers and the well behaved and loving children. The Ashid Bahl School looks good and the children are doing great at their studies-we now have 220 children attending due to the expansion of two large classrooms we made recently. The local Government on seeing what we did for the school has agreed to help with some of the repairs still needed.

Martha Hart’s generous grant of $5,000.00 through the Owen Hart Foundation helped to equip the school with two computers, one laptop, one printer and one projector, apart from treating all the children for lunch and cultural experience at the La Cusquenita Tradicional. We took some educational supplies, jackets and some crafts for the children and spent some time with them doing a variety of activities. The footage taken by Ashid Bahl on this mission is also included in Martha Hart’s short documentary film.

Ashid Bahl Cusco School 2014, Martha Trip

Institution educative incial san Fransisco Peru Lima
Ashid Bahl Cusco school
Cep Hogar Del Nino Jesus Lima
Hugar Transitorio Deninos san jose orphanage Cusco


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