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Cyclone Fani
Cyclone Fani roared ashore in eastern India on Friday, battering densely-populated Odisha state with 125-mile-per-hour winds and rain before weakening and taking aim at the sprawling metropolis of Kolkata. A herculean evacuation effort in recent days saw more than 1 million people flee the low-lying coastal areas, but one official said the storm still left at least two people dead as it came ashore. The extremely severe cyclone struck Odisha at about 8 a.m. on Friday morning, by which time almost 1.2 million people had been evacuated to higher ground.The society has an orphanage in Odisha for homeless children that needs help to supply food, clothing and medicine. The orphanage will also be housing as many people & children as possible who have lost their homes. The orphanage was started by Mr.Ashid Bahl and named after him when he saw about 38 homeless orphaned children in the street that huddled around a smouldering log trying to stay warm in the cold night. They slept on the concrete floor with no blankets, hugging each other. After building the orphanage more children in similar situations were housed as well.

Mercy and Grace Charitable Trust

On behalf of the Society, we would like to thank Sherry & Perry LeBlanc for their very generous donation of $750 that helped to purchase cooking oil and rice to feed the children at the Mercy and Grace Orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, India.

School in Gujarat

Funding in the amount of $100,000.00 which was donated by Jaymal and Ruparell family through the Aqueduct Foundation (RJR Foundation) will help fund the building of the new School in Gujarat India at a total cost of $150.000.00. FTLOCS will be overseeing the construction of the school and working directly with the contractors to rebuild this school. It was imperative to rebuild this school as the existing one was destroyed by an earthquake. The Society will also contribute sports equipment when the school opens and provide further support.

Ashid Bahl Mission – Orphanage in Odisha

A children’s home providing care to 35 orphaned and destitute children between the ages of 6 to 14 years. A very generous donation of $30,000.00 from Boardwalk Charitable Trust Fund has enabled the Society to buy this Orphanage home along with a water well. Street children doing hard physical labour, coming from poor families now have a home that looks after their basic needs in addition to providing quality education and medical care. FTLOCS provided $4,717.00 to meet the requirements of the home for food, clothing, educational needs, a portable generator (to help elevate problems with electricity) and to help purchase a TV and DVD for the children in viewing educational programs.

Orissa office 2014

From our agent Abhaya Karada.

– Odisha orphanage, these are some of the children that Mr. Bahl found huddled around a smoldering log, trying to get heat from it and discovered that they were all homeless orphans. Now they have a home and were among one of the top students in the provincial exams in the state of Odisha.

  • Dadar School
  • Ashid Bahl School Orissa
  • New Bhaktapur painting school
  • Swami Rama orphanage/school
  • Mountain View school
  • Orissa Temple/school
  • Tibetan Childrens village Dharamsala Kangra
  • Jigamata Girls Hostel
  • The deaf and mute school of Ahmadnagar
  • The phuntsokling school Orissa
  • Marcy and grace school/orphanage Adhra Pradesh
  • Mahatma Vastigruh Mali Wada Adhmednagar
  • Vioyalaya Vastigruh Orphanage School
  • New English School Village Wakodi Tehsil Adhmednagar
  • Sankalp Pratistha Sanchalit (savale) Shelter Home Ahmednagar
  • Mother Theresa-Mission of Charity Orphanage Arunachal
  • Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhalaya School
  • Choephelling Public School Tawang
  • Buddha Culture & Education Foundation Lumla
  • Oju Welfare Association School
  • Manjushree Vidhyapeeth School
  • Jamtse Gatsel School

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Earthquake in Nepal

Nepal was hit with a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in May of 2015, bringing infrastructural damage to its society and hardship on its civilians. Many of the “For the Love of Children Society” schools in Nepal suffered heavy damage and 10 students were killed as well. 3000 children and their families under our care were left homeless. They desperately need our help.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.49.28 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.50.42 PM

Gumpa Centre in Kathmandu

On our 2013 aid mission to the Gumpa Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal, (see attached 2 photos) FTLOCS had provided $2,000 in funding for the Centre’s running costs and were pleased to learn that with the addition of the temple and monastery it has become more self- sufficient. The Society helped build this orphanage to help homeless Nepalese and Tibetan children that currently has 25 children residing. Tashi Lama, the priest is also conducting monastery teaching for other children in this district. This year an additional $1,200 was provided to the Centre for food, clothing, educational supplies and $1,666 for tiles to repair the roof.

well - Gumpa centre Well 2 - Gumpa Centre

New Art School in Bhaktpur

Suresh Pariyar, our agent continues to reach out to more destitute children by teaching them basic education and enabling them with an opportunity to learn the art of Thanka painting.

A further $2,714.00 was provided by FTLOCS for one year to cover for books, other educational supplies and rental costs for 3 rooms.
Currently, they have 6 students who could not afford to go to school.

well - Gumpa centre Well 2 - Gumpa Centre
  • Shree Hachowk school
  • Gumpa Center

For the love of children school/Sri Sri Ravi Shankar School-Sri Lanka


Ashid Bahl School – Cambodia

For The Love of Children School – Cambodia

Sarahim School for disabled Children Kabul Afghanistan

Allohodine Orphanage Kabul Afghanistan

Yamada Minami Elementary School, Iwate Prefecture

After the earthquake and tsunami in March, FTLOCS reached out to longtime friend and supporter Machiko Hashimoto to see if we could help the Japanese children in any way. Through her connections, we were able to get in touch with the Yamada South Elementary School in the town of Yamada, Iwate Prefecture. Most of Yamada was destroyed by the tsunami, and the school, situated upon a hill, is one of the few remaining buildings in the town.

The principal, Ms. Saga, requested that we provide funds for an annual overnight study trip taken by fifty grade six students. Although many of the basic necessities have been provided by the government and various NGOs, the trip was something that would have to be abandoned if funds were not found. FTLOCS, with the support of generous donors, was able to raise over $12,000.00 to cover the cost of the trip. President Ashid Bahl travelled to Japan in October to meet and send the children off on their long-anticipated trip.

Although the children had endured unthinkable tragedy and hardship in the seven months since the disaster, they were eager to demonstrate to Ashid and their community that they were healthy and well. On the trip, the students visited the UNESCO heritage town of Hiraizumi to visit and learn about the history of the area; danced the “Tora-nomai” (Tiger Dance) at a local shopping centre in front of Ashid, Machiko and the community; and enjoyed a carefree afternoon at a local amusement park.

The majority of our work is in underdeveloped areas of the world helping children with the most basic of needs. On this occasion, we were delighted that we could help children with the gift of an experience that would hopefully help to rehabilitate them emotionally and stay with them for a lifetime.

Victoria Primary School – Philippines