An Estimated 76,000 people are in need of food & Shelter. More than 45% of homes on Grand Bahama & the Abacos were severely damaged or destroyed, leaving thousands homeless.

For the Love of Children Society wants to provide essential & long-term aid to the Islands. The society’s aid will focus mainly on children & their families, who are the most vulnerable during and after these natural disasters. The society has 40 years of past experience in giving aid to countries hit with natural disasters, like Haiti, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan, India, Philippines, Peru, Guatemala, etc. A lot of times it the smaller aid agencies like ours that can be most helpful as we are able to overcome obstacles such as damaged roads and infrastructure challenges that would otherwise hamper relief efforts. We also take the time to find out from the people what their needs are rather than giving them things that they cannot use. We provide ‘educated’ aid, for example taking medicine suitable for children, not just for adults. The long-term aid will include psychological care for children suffering from post-traumatic stresses. We have provided orphanages for children who are left homeless and will do the same in the Bahamas.

Donations can be made on our GofundMe Page or through our website.


FTLOCS was asked to help with organizing gifts and Santa this year. We had a list of ~50 children ages 1-19 years, we checked it twice! and went shopping. With the generosity from Lathered (a local cleaning company), Airdrie Family Eye Doctors and FTLOC we purchased individual gifts for each child and ensured they were beautifully wrapped. 
The Center of Newcomers did a fantastic job of creating a full afternoon event.  While the children were invited to do crafts, play games and have fun, their adult family members were entertained with music, dancers and sport performances which represented a variety of cultures and talents. Everyone enjoyed pizza and an enormous spread of homemade Christmas goodies

For the Love of Children Society made Christmas a very special one for the children at the Centre For Newcomers together with Darrel Janz of CTV television.

From Jerry Caingcoy: “When working and coming together are our main focus in serving others, something special and great things happen more than what we can think of or imagine. Blessed and grateful to learn from a man of charity and philanthropy for many years, helping hundreds of thousands of poor children around the world. Ashid Bahl is the founder of one of the longest serving, award winning charitable organization in Canada, The Love for Children Society of Alberta. This year we’ve started working together to help schools in the Philippines. Looking forward to our collaborative charitable projects in 2019 in the Philippines. Also, special shout out to my good friend, Ashid despite being out of town and with such a short notice, he willingly supported the recently concluded, first ever, Pasko sa Pilipinas 2018 in Calgary attracting more than 1,500 TFW’s, newcomers and their families through the collaborative efforts of Filipino Canadian businesses and amazing volunteers and supporters in the FilCan community headed by Marietta Pangan of Diaryo Alberta and Jeffrey A. Angeles of Adobo Experience. Thank you Ashid for always helping especially for the less fortunate in the world. Mabuhay ka! .”

The Society provides help; hope and support to disadvantaged children locally and nationally. Children with disabilities, illnesses and special needs are the main focus for this help we provide. Additionally, we fund programs in the areas of education, arts, culture, therapeutic and rehabilitative programs to help children reach their full potential

Programs include the following –

  • Supplying sports equipment and access to events
  • Specialized educational equipment or Aids
  • Medicine, medical equipment and treatments-not covered by our health system
  • Specialized equipment, walkers, in-house lifts, wheelchair accessible vans and ramps.
  • Building Playground structures
  • Supplying food and clothing during Canadian natural disasters
  • Home makeover renovations for families with disabled children
  • FLOCS Aerospace program
  • Santa’s Xpress & other Christmas events to help spread joy
  • Program to refurbish used Cars to donate to underprivileged families