For the Love of Children Society is a nonprofit organization based in Canada providing help, hope and support to over 500,000 disadvantaged children locally and internationally since 1980.


Founder and President of For the Love of Children Society. Mr. Ashid Kumar Bahl – Born in Kenya, East Africa.

The Dalai Lama calls him Tenzin Sendup (anything he asks for shall be granted-as the Dalai Lama said he only asks for others in need) the Masai tribe call him Sanare (accepted by all the different people of the world) – Many people in India call him “son of India”.

Mr. Bahl was only 11 years old when he used to give his toys and lunch away to poor children at his school in Kenya, East Africa and the giving process to help the less fortunate never stopped. Mr. Bahl’s story is really a miracle; in many cases the children and their families were praying to God for help and he came to answer their prayers. In the words of Ashid Bahl, “In a world that has everything, enough food, medicine or technology to cater for the needs of everyone, it is sad to see children still living in poverty, abuse and neglect”. It is for this reason; he started this Society, to show people that even one person can make a difference and that life is not about us, it is about making life happen for someone else who is less fortunate. He believes that here lies the true purpose as to why we are here. “There is no dream, passion or goal to be reached that is richer than being of service to others in their hour of need.”

For the past 39 years Mr. Bahl provided a wide variety of services like food, shelter, clothing, medical aid, water-wells, educational supplies, electricity and other essentials to the poorer regions of the world. Doing all the charity work while working for a living and looking after his own family. The medical aid has saved the lives of many sick children with life threatening illnesses.


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