Sanare Masai Mara School project (Ashid Bahl School)

The school is situated in the Rift Valley in Moreso, Kenya and having close proximity to the village; children now have access to an education apart from tending their herds.

Daniel Teyiaa, our agent has been working hard for the completion of the school and construction of a cow shed for the 40 cows bought 2 years ago, helping to provide milk for the children.

The Society’s funding of $8,700.00 for this project will also provide a water tank for the school and any medical treatments required by a child with an additional $1,500.00 to pay for the teachers’ salaries.

A very kind donation of $10,000.00 from – Ashwin Bedi and the Society’s additional funding of $13,361.00 will help equip the school with extra classrooms, desks and chairs as more children have come to study here from the nearby villages.

Previously, two classrooms were constructed with the generous funding from Mike Shaikh, Boardwalk Charitable Trust Fund, Owen Hart Foundation and Glen Rumpel and family.

We are currently fundraising for the water well project which will require approximately $2,000.00 to start with the survey. With the coming of the drought season most of the schools are closed and the cow herds weak due to the lack of water.

Our agent also reported of an incident affirming the dangers the masai tribe face as herders. Two men were killed by a lion near Fig tree Camp at the Maasai mara game reserve at night while the cows were grazing. With the unforeseen events that followed with one of the cows giving birth and the two men having to remain at the reserve to rest led to the lion attack.

Masai School 2 Masai School

The Kangemi Primary School, East Africa

The Kangemi Primary School was funded $2,354.60 for the children’s school fees and one time teachers’ salaries as they did not get paid due to a teachers’ strike and were afraid of losing their remaining staff.


This is one of the schools we will be visiting on our 2015 Kenya mission that has about 175 children attending.

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Papa Aanyu Oriana school Kampala Uganda
African Child Foundation School Uganda

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Wawase children orphanage West Africa ACCRA

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