Saint Jude – For the Love of Children School

Saint Jude – For the Love of Children School in Bogota required an additional $2,000.00 for the remaining construction of the school for electrical work that needed to be finished as well as plumbing of the boys and girls washrooms.

This school still requires further assistance for the reconstruction of the children’s washrooms.


The group also visited a school in Costa Rica, ESCUELA LA GUARIA that relies on private donations with no assistance from the government sector. They were given some school supplies on this aid mission and in September funding of 1,080.00 USD to purchase shoes (2 pairs each) and supplies for the children.

“This year they were beautifully presented at the parade of independence celebrations and I must thank you for their new shoes”, Alexander Porras Ramirez, our agent in Costa Rica.

Second School in Honduras

The newly constructed second School in Honduras opened its doors as Ashid Bahl with members; Akersh Bahl, Corina and Peter Cooper took part in the opening ceremony in June 2014.

Finished School in Patuca, Honduras

This school is accessible to 200 children and for some will be receiving education for the first time. An impoverished region comprised mainly of poor farmers who could not afford to send their children to school.

The teachers & the principal are ready to work hard for the children. The members enjoyed their interaction with the children who were doubly thankful after receiving some school supplies and sports equipment through the Society.

Special thanks to Darcy Drysdale, the Calgary Lutheran Church, Boardwalk Charitable Trust Fund for their contribution towards this project.

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Allen Spielman For The Love of Children Orphanage

FTLOCS funding of $15,000.00 to date for the Haiti Project has helped build the new Haiti School that is part of our existing orphanage.

The Society provided another $1,900.00us to finish the floor tiles to the bedrooms, kitchen and the bathrooms of the orphanage with the help of Dorsainvil our agent.

An additional funding of $2,816.05 was also provided for food, clothing, medical aid, educational supplies, electricity and water supply. $750 that helped to purchase cooking oil and rice to feed the children at the Mercy and Grace Orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The opening of the Peru school was amazing-We as a society should be so proud of this accomplishment -there are now 350 children that attend the school -up from 280 children that attended before- as you can see the computer class is completed as well. We also provided them with a First Aid room with a bed and all the medical supplies – Also gave 5 big speakers that can operate with the computers- The boy with no arms and legs was also admitted to our school and was so grateful that we gave him a chance to learn with the other children. He was told before that it was not possible from him to attend any school-All our school children welcomed him and love him dearly.

CUSCO, Peru – Ashid Bahl School

In early August Ashid accompanied by Martha and Oje Hart visited the Cusco School and were very impressed with the commitment of the teachers and the well behaved and loving children. The Ashid Bahl School looks good and the children are doing great at their studies-we now have 220 children attending due to the expansion of two large classrooms we made recently. The local Government on seeing what we did for the school has agreed to help with some of the repairs still needed.

Martha Hart’s generous grant of $5,000.00 through the Owen Hart Foundation helped to equip the school with two computers, one laptop, one printer and one projector, apart from treating all the children for lunch and cultural experience at the La Cusquenita Tradicional. We took some educational supplies, jackets and some crafts for the children and spent some time with them doing a variety of activities. The footage taken by Ashid Bahl on this mission is also included in Martha Hart’s short documentary film.
Ashid Bahl Cusco School 2014, Martha Trip

Institution educative incial san Fransisco Peru Lima
Ashid Bahl Cusco school
Cep Hogar Del Nino Jesus Lima
Hugar Transitorio Deninos san jose orphanage Cusco


Our school in Guatemala

Received very much needed school supplies – A very poor school located in a small village in Antigua – they have no water supply and the roof needs repairs – They also want to add another classroom in the near future as more children in this area want to go to school for the first time- We will help them get a new roof and try to get them a sustainable supply of water. There are about 40 children that attend this school right now because there is no more room for other new students to attend. The Volcano Fuego erupted everyday while I was there. It wiped out the whole village earlier in the month, leaving thousands homeless. We gave food to the children and their families who were the victims of the volcano eruption. It was a blessing that our school was not damaged and the children are safe.