Our Project in India

Mercy and Grace Charitable Trust

On behalf of the Society, we would like to thank Sherry & Perry LeBlanc for their very generous donation of $750 that helped to purchase cooking oil and rice to feed the children at the Mercy and Grace Orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, India.

School in Gujarat

Funding in the amount of $100,000.00 which was donated by Jaymal and Ruparell family through the Aqueduct Foundation (RJR Foundation) will help fund the building of the new School in Gujarat India at a total cost of $150.000.00. FTLOCS will be overseeing the construction of the school and working directly with the contractors to rebuild this school. It was imperative to rebuild this school as the existing one was destroyed by an earthquake. The Society will also contribute sports equipment when the school opens and provide further support.

Ashid Bahl Mission – Orphanage in Odisha

A children’s home providing care to 35 orphaned and destitute children between the ages of 6 to 14 years. A very generous donation of $30,000.00 from Boardwalk Charitable Trust Fund has enabled the Society to buy this Orphanage home along with a water well. Street children doing hard physical labour, coming from poor families now have a home that looks after their basic needs in addition to providing quality education and medical care. FTLOCS provided $4,717.00 to meet the requirements of the home for food, clothing, educational needs, a portable generator (to help elevate problems with electricity) and to help purchase a TV and DVD for the children in viewing educational programs.

Ashid Bahl Mission Odisha 1. Odisha Mision Orphanage 2 2014 Odisha Mission Orphanage 2014 Orissa office 2014
From our agent Abhaya Karada.

— Odisha orphanage, these are some of the children that Mr. Bahl found huddled around a smoldering log, trying to get heat from it and discovered that they were all homeless orphans. Now they have a home and were among one of the top students in the provincial exams in the state of Odisha.

Dadar School
Ashid Bahl School Orissa
New Bhaktapur painting school
Swami Rama orphanage/school
Mountain View school
Orissa Temple/school
Tibetan Childrens village Dharamsala Kangra
Jigamata Girls Hostel
The deaf and mute school of Ahmadnagar
The phuntsokling school Orissa
Marcy and grace schoo/orphanage Adhra Pradesh
Mahatma Vastigruh Mali Wada Adhmednagar
Vioyalaya Vastigruh Orphanage School
New English School Village Wakodi Tehsil Adhmednagar
Sankalp Pratistha Sanchalit (savale) Shelter Home Ahmednagar
Mother Theresa-Mission of Charity Orphanage Arunachal
Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhalaya School
Choephelling Public School Tawang
Buddha Culture & Education Foundation Lumla
Oju Welfare Association School
Manjushree Vidhyapeeth School
Jamtse Gatsel School


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